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EtaPRO Technical Support

EtaPRO System Administrators can download Software and Documentation Updates through this site. With a current Performance Plus+ Support Agreement, you can access the latest software, documentation, support articles, and keep track of any open issues on your system. For more information, see the Registered User Area or contact us.

Phone: 716-799-1077
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5:00PM EST

Support requests submitted via e-mail or telephone are assigned a ticket number. Please be as specific as possible when leaving a message, and be sure to include your company and plant name, as well as a contact e-mail address and phone number. If you are inquiring about a previously submitted issue, please include the ticket number in your message.

What's New

  • EtaPRO is released. Please visit the Registered User Area to download. Be sure to review all upgrade documents and ensure that your EtaPRO Client and Server versions match!
  • Visit Training and Events for more information and to register for EtaPRO training.
  • Contact EtaPRO Support to register for our Webinar Wednesday series.

EtaPRO 10.3 - What to Know Before Upgrading

EtaPRO™ Version 10.3 introduces several changes that you should be aware of prior to upgrading. Please review the entire document (Upgrading EtaPRO 10.3) and referenced supplements and contact EtaPRO Support with any questions before beginning the upgrade!

If, after reviewing the upgrade document and warnings below, you would prefer to contract EtaPRO Support to complete the upgrade, please contact us at or 716.799.1077)

Pre-upgrade warnings are summarized as follows:

  • Before upgrading, make a backup of your configuration databases.  During the EtaPRO 10.3 upgrade process, updates made to your configuration databases are not backward compatible.  Refer to the knowledge base article here: Scheduling EtaPRO 10.x Backup Tasks
  • EtaPRO 10.3 uses the Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 4.6.1.  Please see hardware and software prerequisites in the Upgrading EtaPRO 10.3 document.  If your EtaPRO server is still using Windows 2003 and earlier, you will not be able to upgrade.
  • EtaPRO 10.3 requires a new product license key.  Before uninstalling your current version of EtaPRO, please contact GP Strategies for a new license key ( or 716.799.1077).
  • EtaPRO 10.3 requires an EPArchive™ database even if you are not storing historical data in EPArchive.  Please download a blank database from the support site or create a blank Archive database following the directions in the Upgrading EtaPRO 10.3 document.
  • When you upgrade to EtaPRO 10.3, all historical data stored in your existing APR Asset database will be automatically moved to your EPArchive database.  This process can take a significant amount of time.  How long will depend on the number of EtaPRO APR™ assets you have, how long they been in service, etc.  In general, the process can take many hours.  You should plan to do the upgrade during a period when availability of your system is not critical.
  • Data acquisition has gone through a major change.  All data is now acquired using stand-alone EtaPRO Data Interfaces.  Your system will be automatically upgraded to use the new interfaces.  It is suggested that you review the EtaPRO Data Interface Installation and Commissioning Guide prior to upgrading.

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